Our Dogs

Dear Visitors,

Welcome on the website of Kameleondogskennel. My wife and I want to share our love for this amazing breed. We live in Houthalen, Belgium. Our passion for this breed began at an animal show in Genk(Belgium) where we first got acquitanted with this breed. As we went to search on facebook we found a breeder in Poland. We got our first dog, Fera Viva Vera Wang and 2 months later Fera Viva Vinicio Pajaro joined us.

In 2014 I saw a picture of Idea on facebook. It was love at first sight! We contacted our breeder and she told us to take our chances and 4 weeks later our 3rd dog followed.

Eventually we decided to buy another dog.

In 2015 became Gra O Tron, a 7 months old pup another member of our family.

In 2016 our kennel was further expanded with 3 puppies Laila Soares,  Leopoldo Giordano and Pandora.

Our love for this breed continues to grow,  therefor we decided to start breeding with them.


Marc and Ewa

How do we proceed?

We set the dogs on the 1st place
With patience and passion we proceed
We take time to get a good result
We test our dogs at all so they are healthy and clean
Our dogs are groomed monthly by our groomer Sebastian

Characteristics of this breed